POLYWALL by Visiology is a high-end software solution to manage video walls and information displays for Command and Control Rooms, Collaboration Rooms and Digital Signage projects. Polywall Server has special API to communicate with matrix switchers. It is required to use Crestron/AMX controller as a gateway to matrix switching equipment. However, installer can create his own implementation of hardware gateway as Polywall Server API is open.

Polywall installation usually consists of four types of nodes: Server, Visualizer, Worker and Agent. All nodes communicate over standard Ethernet network.

Operator or designer uses Polywall Designer to interact with the system. Polywall Designer is a web application that can be used on any computer that is connected to the same network as Polywall Server. With POLYWALL you can:

• manage multiple video walls and displays from a web interface,
• create scenarios (playlists) to automate playback of content,
• stream various content types on any display over network
• Control your video wall by drag and drop
• Integrate with Big Data and enterprise information systems
• Schedule the playback of content

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