Technical Furniture & Mounting

AvHub works with world renowned brands to provide complete portfolio of solutions for both control room and conference room technical furniture. 

Control rooms

For control room environment we have operator consoles that will meet every requirement. We have both, set of standard solutions in every price bracket and ability to provide fully customised solution. Consoles are crucial element of operator workspace providing many functions like secure housing of workstations, enclosed and secure cable management, integrated monitor mounts, cabinets with access control and last but not least tabletop. All of that designed and manufactured to withstand 24/7 use for 10+ years. 

We also have more IT focused furniture with full range of rack cabinets, industrial enclosures (indor/outdoor)

Conference rooms

Our portfolio is tailored to meet budget focussed installations but we can also address quality conscious clients. Regardless if You're searching for wall mount for LCD display, mount set for video wall, mobile cart for large touch screen or custom solution for LED wall we can provide all.

Along with mounts we have series of equipment enclosures designed for office space installations providing security for equipment without hindering office looks.

Sound treatment

To increase working comfort, regardless of environment type, we have sound dampening panels that will drastically decrease reverberations, unwanted hums (AC, elevators etc) and can help to create space within space. From standard wall-mounted square or hexagonal shapes , through ceiling mounted partition walls to fullu customised solutions in any shape, any colour and with logo engraving, we have it all.  


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